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“Your website is your online shop window” I’m sure you have heard this said before however like all shop windows you need to make sure it’s clean so your customers can see your products or services. Security and maintenance are key to keeping things running, our discussion today covers some key points.

Most of us when wanting to advertise and market online in some way go for an option. This could be a mistake that will cost you and your business. Learn why having a strategy for engagement right through your process can reap huge benefits

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How to implement the process to secure quality referrals

We all like good recommendations but they are important in creating new business. Chris Iredale of Thriven talks about having a process to increase to success from happy customers

The 7 Digital Touch Points

We all know that people buy from people but how do we get there using digital media? The 7 digital touchpoints have the answer

The PPC Monsters 

When I talk with business owners about digital marketing they understand How they need to reach their target audience They need to engage with their followers They need to drive more traffic to their website And that they need to...

Social Media Unfollowers –How to Keep Them

The Challenge In social media, there are two challenges. Acquiring new followers and keeping them The problem is that your followers are a number of things to your business 1.Your customers When you have...