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Simon Reed - SjRsolutions

The Challenge

Most of us when wanting to advertise and market online in some way go for an option. This could be - A new website, A Facebook page, some posts into social media, some paid social advertising, SEO management, Google Adword Management, email marketing, Networking (both on and offline - those were the days) however there is one major thing missing


Without a clear and effective process, all your time and financial investment in the above solutions won’t give you the returns you want.

Developing the process

To start understanding the best plan of attack, it is best to go back to basics.

The following are questions you should ask yourself 

Your Website

  • What do you want people visiting your site to do?
  • How will they know what to do when they arrive?

Does your website answer the 4 main areas:

  • Telling them who you are?
  • Telling them what you do?
  • Assuring them that what you say you do is what you do? 
  • And telling them how to get in touch?

Without these on your site no matter how much you invest in getting people to come they still won’t get in touch with you.

Maximising your website for engagement

If people visit your site and aren’t encouraged to get in touch, you are leading a horse to water that they won’t drink.

"A lot of the work we do is focused around maximising websites for engagement because the reason you are online is to engage with your audience."

would you like to maximise your website for engagement - let’s talk

Understanding your competitors

So you want to market your business but you know you have competitors who are already out there being noticed online. This is where the competitor analysis comes in

Understanding where and what they are doing online will empower your business to be better than them.

The surprising thing we find is that by really understanding your competitor’s areas you may have thought were a concern, really aren’t and other areas that you didn’t think you had anything to worry about are in need of some real focus. Our Competitor analysis takes just days to produce but the clarity it brings allows for a digital strategy to be developed for your company.

So which areas should you focus on?

Once you have a maximised your website, developed a content strategy to use your site plus you understand the competitor market clarity will occur.

We work with our clients to develop and agree clear KPI’s with a focus on ROI and by doing so allow everyone to understand exactly what the plan is and how we are doing against it.

Key Performance Indicators

Having measurements in all parts of your business is the key to understanding the effectiveness of the work you do/provide.

This is no less important in Digital marketing. From lead gen KPI’s to sales KPI’s and production KPI’s the important thing is to set goals that relate to trackable and a financial results. 

Steps to take

The following steps will set out your stall correctly, give you the focus you need and from that your process will be developed

  • Review your online presence - websites, social, networks
  • Maximise your website for engagement and have a plan for content creation with a purpose
  • Carry out a competitor analysis, understand exactly what they are doing and how you can be better than them
  • Develop a strategy for being better than them and managing your digital strategy going forward.
  • Then engage using the right methods with the right people to raise your profile, drive traffic to your maximised website and to increase enquiries
  • Measure analyse and improve against your KPI’s
  • Grow your business!!

If you would like to know more about creating and implementing strategies to grow your business using digital marketing let's talk/

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