Developing Business Focus During Lockdown

A discussion between

Simon Reed - SjRsolutions


Nicola Holmes - Soul & Co

During this time of lockdown, I heard about an associate of mine who had changed focus in her business to help her local community. This had developed into growing part of her business which she hadn’t marketed so much before.

The following blog is a summary of the discussion I had with her. I have also included the video for you to view.

Today I have invited Nicola Holmes of Soul & Co along to talk about her business change in focus whilst in lockdown.

A discussion with

Nicola Holmes

What has changed and how have you changed your focus Nicola?

Soul & Co is an events, weddings snd photography company and this time of year would be our busiest but in march when the pandemic hit we lost a lot of our business overnight.

We decided that we needed to look at what we could do in a positive way and with the downtime we looked at the skills we had.

Photography is something we have been doing for businesses for over 10 years and we thought it would be good to give something back to the community.

So we started going on our daily exercises taking our camera equipment with us and offering free socially distanced photo shoots to families along our route.

We’d carry out mini photoshoots with them on their doorsteps, take the images back, they would send us a story on their situation and we’d publish it via social media.

This formed a souvenir/memory of their time in lockdown.

Which social media channels have you been using?

Mainly Facebook and Instagram and by being involved in a lot of the community forums we found it was an effective way to reach our audience.

Have you had any business interest because I am sure some of the people you photographed are also business owners?

Yes, we have. We started off by doing family shoots and we have carried out nearly 100 shoots now. Some of the people were business owners and they started talking to us about using photography for them, their businesses and how they could use it to market their business.

We had also offered to local businesses who were still operating during lockdown to do free photoshoots for their company and feature a bit about behind the scenes for them. To date we have now featured about 10 local businesses.

Which locations have you been covering?

We are based in Burley in Wharfedale and at first, we thought we’d just do this around the village as we were walking, however, we have found ourselves cycling and covering a slightly wider area including Ilkley, Addingham, Menston, Guiseley and Ben ridding.

So what tips would you give to a business owner who wanted to do some photography for their business?

For business owners, make it a habit to capture images as you are around your business. Use these images as a way of staying connected to your audience via social media.

Make things quite personal at the moment. I think customers want to see people behind the scenes and want to hear those stories to keep connected to the business

For websites and brochures, I would always suggest getting professional shots taken. It is important to make sure you carry your brand and the quality of what you do. But still make them relevant to your audience.

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