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A discussion with

Chris Iredale

On one of my Saturday morning posts in LinkedIn I asked the question to give an example of one thing you’ve done during the week to work ON the business and prepare for getting out the other side of covid-19

 I had a great response with some really interesting areas covered. So much so, I thought it would be a good idea to bring a few of the contributors in and ask them to talk in more detail about what they were working on and how it is benefitting their business.

 So, for my first video, I have invited Chris Iredale of Thriven to talk about his effective process for getting highly focused Customer Feedback and how this can be used to improve your companies service and also create LinkedIn recommendations and Testimonials.

 Chris is an Entrepreneur, Business Coach & Mentor and his coaching practice Thriven delivers transformational business growth programmes to fit all types of business models, from new business start-ups, consultants and freelancers, through to high growth businesses scaling up and frustrated established business who have hit the ceiling and need help to breakthrough.  

What was the issue?

My first Question to Chris was what was the issue with recommendations?

I have a trusted system in place and had simply gotten behind with the upkeep of it.

 As the pace and rhythm of working schedules adjust to the Covid situation there’s a little more time created to reflect on business and give quality feedback.

What did you do to correct this?

We created a simple but effective process to ensure we capture consistent, specific feedback that helps us improve our service and also provides highly focused LinkedIn recommendations, testimonials and referrals. This was important to us because we wanted to keep raising our profile in Linkedin and other online environments.

How can other businesses benefit from this process?

I’m really committed to building and improving Thriven’s coaching practice and advancing our Mentoring & Coaching programmes. We build trust and listen and learn from our client’s experience. Client Feedback is crucial to improving our service and helps us focus on doing more of the things that are working well and improve any areas that could work better.

Baked into our new business proposals and contract agreements are a reference to our feedback questionnaires process. Once the project is underway we have built into our schedule the touchpoints for gaining feedback. Our feedback forms have a series of open questions around service, experience, results achieved, benefits and adding value.

Of course, we also ask on the areas we may improve - no matter how small these may be… we value these pointers the most at this help shape positive improvements to our programmes.

Once we have received the feedback the questions are removed and this gives a series of positive statements to help create LinkedIn recommendations and testimonials. Which we’ve previously had permission granted to use. 

So what benefits have you seen from this?

Benefits we’ve seen are:

• Client feedback helps you improve service and products

• Helps measure customer satisfaction

• Shows you value their opinion

• Helps create a better customer experience

• Helps build trust and improve client retention

• Gives data to help make ongoing business plans

• Is a reliable source of information and reference for other consumers

• New clients were once prospects and connected with your offering, experience and reputation referenced in your recommendations and testimonials.

Want to find out more from Chris?

You can check out Chris' LinkedIn profile at and take a look at his recommendation section to see real examples of the feedback received via this process.

You can also visit or call him on 07436 778110

Watch the meeting with Chris here >