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A discussion between

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Catherine Bonner - Ambient Tribe

Do you struggle with presenting the right image when you’re on Zoom or when presenting to other people?

I thought it would be a good idea to ask Catherine Bonner from Ambient Tribe to talk about how we can improve what we all seem to be doing recently.

A discussion with

Catherine Bonner

Catherine Bonner is the founder and MD of Ambient Tribe, an engagement and communication consultancy that helps entrepreneurial businesses master how they connect, engage and inspire the people that matter to their growth.

You help companies articulate their mission, vision and values, what differences do you see in companies that embed these across how they work?

Every business has a set of values whether they’re written down or not. The interesting thing is how they are used within their business. During this lockdown period, I m seeing that the companies who have their visions and values running right through their company are the ones that are brewing decisive, they don’t feel lost in this storm and have an anchor which is really helping them steer their ship.

We all want integrity in our business and if you have your vision and values set out and followed you can find that integrity you need.

What is the most common mistake you see entrepreneurial businesses make when it comes to communicating with their team?

Communication is really challenging at the moment when we are all locked in our homes but the biggest mistake they make is that they forget to do it. I realise this sounds really obvious but if you’ve been a business of 5 to 7 people, all sat in the same office, communication almost happens by osmosis however as a company grows leaders forget to address communication because it is thought that everyone will know but they don’t. This is relevant to communicate when we are all at home and with the pressures of being at home communicating is even more important.

You work with leaders to master their presentation skills.

Do you have any tips for how we can improve how we communicate on zoom calls?

Yes indeed, the first one may seem a little odd but it’s breathing. People who have really mastered their breath are the ones that appear confident when presenting. Being tense on video really shows so go for a deeper breath and relax your shoulders.

The next thing is your setup. Think about the lighting and where it is coming from. Make sure your face is well lit and that you can make good contact

And my third tip is about body language. It is really easy to slip into keeping your arms crossed, sitting slumped and not looking as though you are interested in the other person talking.

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