LinkedIn for BNI

If you are a BNI member, do you want to boost your BNI success? 

If you do...

The Linkedin for BNI course has been designed for you.

The Opportunity

A two module course to get the most from Linkedin for your BNI membership

  • Build an effective Profile
  • Use Linkedin as your external referral builder
  • Increase referrals for your business
  • Develop referral strategies for fellow BNI members
  • Increase endorsements
  • Growing your business network
  • Create business growth
  • Increase revenue

What's included

  • Online Profile Builder© (offline version available)
  • Live one to one Video Meetings
  • Task identification and support between modules to complete the tasks
  • Shared online course documentation/working platform
  • WhatsApp support
  • Ongoing email updates of changes within Linkedin
  • Follow up Video call to further support you.

I took SJR Solutions Linked in course after the last BNI meeting with the intention of implementing it in the New Year . I started yesterday and hey presto as if by magic I have a referral today …on connect and prepped for a meeting. I have no hesitation in recommending SJR Solutions Linked for BNI course for any business wanting quality controlled growth. Thank you Simon.

Martyn Hopson - Freelancer Financial - Enterprise BNI Ilkley

Maximise Givers Gain Now

£450.00 £194.00

Limited Offer Price

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Why I Created the Linkedin For BNI Modules

"Having been a member of BNI for some time I realised that there was a way to use the BNI process within LinkedIn and in fact not to just use it for my own business but also to help my fellow BNI members grow.

I created a set of processes to fully integrate Both BNI and Linkedin and put them into the LinkedIn for BNI Course modules.

Over the last year The LinkedIn for BNI course has helped many members from across the world.

Let us help you maximise your BNI membership with LinkedIn"

Simon Reed - Enterprise BNI, Ikley, Yorkshire

I have been using Simons social media expertise since summer 2018 - as an independent estate agent we have had our best quarter of the year surpassing last year. I will put this down to a great working relationship with Simon, his team and the ideas he brings to the party. I would highly recommend bringing in Simon to help your business flourish

Lester Hurst - Hunters Estate Agents Ilkley and Otley - Enterprise BNI Ilkley

Grow Your Business and Your Network

£450.00 £194.00

Limited Offer Price

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 I recently took part in your LinkedIn for BNI course and wanted to pass on my feedback from this.  

I previously thought that my profile was fairly strong and whilst I knew that I wasn’t making the most from LinkedIn I have limited time and wasn’t sure on the best route to maximise the output.  

Not only do I now feel that my profile is far stronger but I also have a number of action points that I am confident will help drive more potential customers to my profile and subsequently will lead to more sales.  

I would highly recommend that anyone unsure about LinkedIn should have a conversation with Simon, as they will no doubt come out of the training feeling much more confident about making the most of LinkedIn going forwards.  

Nick Cohen - Time Communication Solutions  

Revolution BNI Leeds

Get the most from your BNI membership

Asking randomly for the two businesses you want introducing to each week?

We teach you how to guarentee your referrals

Grow your network

BNI is the largest referral based network and Linkedin is the largest Commercial Network

Our course combines the two to expand your network with key contacts

Generate revenue potential

Combining the BNI and Linkedin process will increase revenue streams you have yet to tap into

One to One Training to suit your timescale

Flexible online modules, face to face meetings via Skype and email support gets you using Linkedin for your BNI memebrship

Your Profile

We show you how to raise your profile on linkedin and Connect

We show you how to keep it raised to increase engagement and referrals

Your BNI process

We show you how to use all aspects of LinkedIn in partnership with your BNI membership

Our Promise

By folowing the steps covered in The Linkedin for BNI modules you will gain additional Growth within your business network, opening up opportunities and providing a return on your investment within the first 6 months

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Be Green and Get Seen for Just

£450.00 £194.00

Limited Offer Price

Take Your Business To The Next Level.

With the LinkedIn for BNI we will take your referral process and business to the next level