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A discussion between

Simon Reed - SjRsolutions


Phil Storey - Glow

Why do you need a secure and managed website for your business?

“Your website is your online shop window” I’m sure you have heard this said before however like all shop windows you need to make sure it’s clean so your customers can see your products or services.

This week I have pleasure in talking with Phil Storey from Glow about WordPress website security and maintenance.

Glow is an easy to use website maintenance app for businesses, agencies and web developers alike. With Phil’s experience in this field, I thought I’d ask him a few questions.

A discussion with

Phil Storey

Why is it important for businesses to think about the security of their website?

Online security is a real concern online nowadays. One thing to think about is even if you are a small business owner people are trying to hack your website and with your website representing you online 24/7, it is an important asset that you can not afford to lose.

Why do businesses need to maintain their website?

If you think about things from a non-technical angle one example I could describe would be your car for instance.

You buy a  new car and probably want to keep it for 3 - 4 years. During that time you maintain it with servicing, put air in the tyres, clean it and fuel it. You do these things because when you get in the car you want it to start, get you from A to B and when you sell it you want it to be worth something.

So a website is a piece of technology, things can go wrong, performance can suffer and therefore it is just as important to maintain it.

Are there any tips you could give us?

You can go to our website and there is a field you can enter your website address to check if it is a Wordpress site.

A couple of tips to increase your website security would be:

If when you log into the admin of our website if you go to then I would suggest changing the wp-admin bit. This is the default login address that WordPress provides and hackers know all about it so are looking for sites with it I would recommend you change it.

Also if your username is Admin, change it. This again is the default username for the administrator. I would suggest you set up an administrator with a different username and delete the Admin one.

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