The 7 Digital Touch Points

A Working Example

People Buy From People (even in a digital world)

We all know that people buy from people but how do we get there using digital media? 

It is commonly thought that it takes 7 interactions with a potential client to convert them into a customer. These touchpoints can take various forms.

The following blog shows a real world example as to how 7 touchpoints created a positive result using digital media

Digital Marketing Tools

Using the tools available to you in the right way can help you develop the relationships in business which you need. If your clients are businesses then Linkedin has a network waiting for you to get involved with however if you’re B2C (business to consumer) then the likes of Facebook will hold the key to relationships.

Your Tribe

Whichever tribe is your bag the 7 points of contact will still work for you. Developing a plan for implementing the touchpoints will reap benefits for your business.  

The following is an example of 7 key touchpoints in action with a sample (Company A) and a customer who they had lost touch with.  

Company A is a manufacturing company with over 40 years in business and through those years they have developed a great customer base. However, the problem had been that the way they serviced their customers, this had resulted in one particular client stopping using them. It wasn’t a fault of the quality of the work they produced but instead how they had serviced the client.  

So the relationship was lost, they hadn’t put any enquiries in for years and no work was produced for them.

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Having a strategy

Company A realised that whilst they were still producing great quality work they weren’t telling people about it. They also weren’t actively developing their network. Wanting to grow their business they wanted to address this. It had nothing to do with their lost client from years ago and little did they know that implementing the 7 touch points would have a positive effect on this client.  

Implementing the Touchpoints

How did they start and what did they need to do? Being a B2B company they knew that Linkedin would be a good starting point, with a network of 27 million UK users this was a huge resource for them to connect with potential clients.  

Setting the Scene

In order to make the 7 touchpoints work they needed to have the following in place:


This needed to reflect the business and to have a page where they could add blogs/news

Email marketing tool 

To use their customer list in a proactive manner and be able to send out e-shots 


To have a business page which reflected the brand of the company and carried the message To have each key team member on Linkedin giving the right company message and making sure they followed the company page. They also needed to understand why the company was using Linkedin in this way 


They also needed an agreed process for using their Website, Linkedin and email marketing They needed to understand how working together they could strengthen their relationships with both exiting and new contacts using these online tools. 

Back to the 7 Touchpoint Example 

Company A had a business development director and he and the key team jumped right in developing their Linkedin profiles. 

  • He made a connection request to the Ops director of the lost client (touch 1). The ops director accepted and because they were talking the ops director was placed on Company A’s email list.
  • Over the next few weeks, the Ops Director received 3 e-shots. These e-shots didn’t sell but instead informed how Company A had a great team of experienced customer-facing and production orientated staff all wanting to help. (touch 2- 4)
  • A blog post was placed on Company A’s website talking about the new Customer Service Director and how the team was helping customers by making things easier. This was then shared but the key team on Linkedin (Touch 5)
  • Company A’s business Development Director kept in contact with the Ops Director and invited him along to meet the team (touch 6) He came and after seeing how they could help his business and that only being 30 minutes
  • Drive away he would like to explore further how they could work together (touch 7)  

Following the visit, enquiries started coming through from the lost client and the first order followed shortly afterwards.  

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Want to maximise the 7 touch points for your business?

We can help you increase your enquiries by implementing your bespoke touch point process.